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​641 Mill Street San Marcos, Texas

  • Texas State University campus - 1 mile from Mill Street Crossing

  • Interstate 35 - 1/4 mile from Mill Street Crossing

  • Multiple approaches with no one way streets

  • On the university bus route

​Take a minute to navigate all around Mill Street Crossing, especially to the north, then to the east and south to fully perceive our exceptional location.

Mill Street Crossing, a new shopping center, is located in one of the more densely populated areas of San Marcos; more than two dozen apartment complexes are within walking distance. Mill Street Crossing is the closest commercial development for the thousands of homes in the growing Blanco Vista neighborhood and those living off Lime Kiln and Hilliard Roads. Mill Street Crossing is easily accessible to consumers from all directions. 

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​The following official figures show the number of local vehicles that travel streets near Mill Street Crossing:​

  • Mill Street - 7,500 (Fronts Mill Street Crossing)

  • Uhland Road - 7,000 (Major feed to Mill Street)

  • Post Road - 7,400 (Old San Marcos/Austin Highway)

  • Lime Kilm Road - 5,500 (15 mile dead end road serving thousands of residents with no commercial development)

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